A Crime(watch) of passion

As host of BBC's Crimewatch, Rav Wilding is expected to be serious, responsible and authoritative, qualities that hardly leapt to mind when he was spotted having a furious argument with his now ex-girlfriend Chantelle, in Hyde Park. BBC bosses are apparently so angry about Rav's less than private approach to his love-life, that they've told him to 'go on holiday' and sort himself out.

A source told The Sun, 'For many executives, Crimewatch is the BBC’s flagship serious show, so they weren’t thrilled with his choice of girlfriend. Bosses were even less impressed when they started doing Mills & Boon-esque glossy magazine shoots, declaring their love – hardly in keeping with the Crimewatch ethos.'

A BBC insider said, 'As far as we are concerned, it is a personal matter. Rav was spoken to as a matter of course but it was a case of pastoral care more than of him being hauled in.'

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