A cause of death?

We reported recently that Amy Winehouse's dad Mitch has given two interviews in America about his daughter. The first interview, with chat show king Anderson Cooper, is set to air in the States tonight (Monday) but details have already started to dribble into the press about what Mitch has to say. Actually, only one detail so far: Mitch thinks that Amy's death isn't down to alcohol and drug abuse, but a detox.

According to Mitch, Amy was using an anti anxiety drug to help her detox from alcohol, the vice she turned to in order to kick harder drugs. 'Everything Amy did', he says, 'she did to excess. She drank to excess and did detox to excess.'

It would be a sad twist of fate if something Amy was using to help herself was in fact the cause of her death but Mitch is keen to stress that this is merely speculation: tests have so far been inconclusive, with little established other than that there were no illegal drugs found in Amy's system. An official inquest in London next month should pinpoint the real cause.

Anderson Cooper in the meantime says of the interview: 'This isn't just a show that's going to be about somebody who's well known who died tragically young, this is something that resonates in a lot of people's lives - I mean, everyone knows someone in their family who has struggled with substance abuse. I'm really looking forward to speaking with Amy Winehouse's family. They've been through so much, and her talent was so great.'

Piers Morgan's interview with Mitch airs tomorrow night (Tuesday.) Expect some fresh nuggets of info to leak into the press right about now.

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