A brush with the law

Katie Price will now have to lovingly admire her pink horse box from afar (no, that's not a euphemism) after being handed a six month driving ban for speeding. The judge showed little sympathy for her claim that she was being harrassed by paparazzi at the time, stating that she 'courts publicity'. Geddit?

According to The Daily Mail, the barrister defending the buxom celebrity said, 'About nine minutes before she was caught by the mobile camera, Miss Price pulled over in a state of exasperation after another officer had a word with a couple of members of the paparrazzi who were following her.' The judge interjected, saying, 'That goes with the territory doesn’t it. If you court publicity, you can’t complain when you get it.'

Price's spokesperson said, 'Katie accepts that whilst attempting to distance herself from paparazzzi who were pursuing her (and about whose actions she had just notified the police) she was guilty of speeding. Katie would like to thank the magistrates for the manner in which they have dealt with this matter and will raise her concerns about the behaviour of a small section of the paparazzi with the appropriate bodies.'

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