A brave man...

Wayne Roney is a plucky young thing - having cheated on his wife while she was pregnant with escort girls, then having only just been forgiven, you'd think he might steer clear of the scene of the crime. But no, Rooney was yesterday pictured entering the Lowry hotel in Manchester, the den of vice where he entertained his lady friends. Though this time, the footballer ensured he was pictured holding a wash-bag - with his son's face printed on it. Ah, celebs.

A source told The Daily Mail, ‘Things are looking better and they are talking about a future together.’ Yesterday we brought you the news that the pair had reunited, with Coleen keeping her husband on a one inch leash, 'Coleen has told him if it ever happens again that will be it. The end of the marriage. It will mean an end to his nights out with the lads for a long time to come and is a chance to rebuild the trust they once had. He has told her it was all a terrible mistake and he has learned his lesson.’

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