A Brand new name

Katy headed to the Ellen de Generes show for a good old chin-wag and a plug of whatever it is that she's flogging at the moment. And the sultry popstrel told her interrogator that the Perry days are over. Katy's doing the trad thing and will take her husbands name.

Katy informed Ellen that these days Perry is a mere memory, 'Like if I'm at an event or something like that and they want special attention. They go, 'Mrs. Brand!' and I go swoosh.' Mrs Brand also underlined how fun she and her comic hubby are; they're like, totally wacky and kooky,'A sense of humor is really important in our household. That's how we de-stress and we like to have a laugh.'

What with Katy in her latex cat costumes, and Russell doing his 'Victorian urchin' impression, we bet it's a giggle a minute chez Brands...

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