A bottle of voddy on the way to rehab

Amy Winehouse has been very quiet of late, which led us to think that she was merrily beavering away in the studios, finally concentrating on writing a few of those soulful ditties. Alas, no. Amy has checked herself into rehab, but sadly isn't taking it particularly seriously, as she was last seen downing a bottle of vodka in a London off-licence.

A bystander told The Sun, 'She seemed out of it. She was stumbling about, slurring her words. I was shocked to see her buy vodka so early in the day, and even more shocked to see her knock it straight back.' Yes, that's right, so shocked that they got straight on the blower to the Sun news desk...

Amy apparently announced to the shop-keeper, 'I just puked all over your bathroom.' A customer said, 'I felt really sorry for the staff. I think they were too scared to say anything.' Amy's spokesman claimed that the vomiting comment was 'a joke'.

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