A bitter blow

Last week Sadie Frost had a pop at Sienna Miller for cutting her son - or daughter's (there are conflicting reports) hair. Whichever, Sienna thought that the young Frost was in need of a style update, so whisked him/her off for a pixie-crop. Moments later on Twitter (naturally), Sadie told Sienna to 'get a kid of her own!' Yeah, Sienna just 'get' one!

This week the war has moved into fluffier territory with Sadie barring Sienna from her daughter's ballet recital. While it's not quite like being barred from your local, we sympathise with Sienna - surely there's nowhere she'd rather be....

‘Jude was bringing Sienna to the recital to support Iris, but Sadie has had enough and put her foot down and said she could not come. Sadie is a great mum, she’s just had enough of someone else playing mum with her children', a real person told The Daily Mail.

Sienna and Jude are due to wed this summer so let's hope they've all ironed out their differences by then. Scrap that, - they're far less interesting when they're not warring...

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