A bit of role play?

Billie Piper eh? Phwoar eh? Oooh, the things all you red blooded blokes would like to do with her, eh? EH? Bloody perverts. Just because she plays a prostitute on the telly, doesn’t mean she’s going to take your money in exchange for letting you do whatever your sick, sick mind would like.

In fact, you only have to listen to her husband Laurence Fox to know you’re not missing out on any sort of chandelier swinging action at all. In fact, dare we say it, the pair have settle into a rather pedestrian route-one love life, with Piper herself not even allowing her hubby to watch the programme lest he get some disgusting ideas.

‘Billie didn't want me to watch it,’ said Fox not-in-the-box to The Sun. ‘But I started thinking to myself, ‘Why is she always saying all this and why am I not watching it? Is there something bad here? Are you enjoying yourself, Bill?’ So I watched it and I was really impressed. We never think of sploshing (that’ll be rubbing food over your partner in a messy fashion, not what you’re thinking) in our private time. We're actually boring like that.’

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