A Bad deal

There are few things that are likely to raise the hackles of a population being kicked in the nuts by an entirely avoidable financial crisis than rich enthusiasts buying personal fripperies for hundreds of thousands of pounds and rubbing their wads in the collective face of the common man. Honestly, it’s enough to think about starting a bloody insurrection.

Except when it’s King of Pop Michael Jackson’s stuff - how could anyone get angry? Especially when one thinks about all those times he grabbed his crotch onstage, or did that leany thing he always used to do during Smooth Criminal. You know, where he’s supposed to fall over but doesn’t, purely because of the magic in his feet? Ah, memories.

Anyway, Jacko's jewel encrusted glove which he wore when he first moonwalked on stage in 1983 was sold for $350,000. The glove was bought by Hong Kong businessman Hoffman Ma, who is allegedly planning to put it on show in a hotel in Asian gambler’s paradise Macau.

Meanwhile, a jacket Jacko wore during the Bad tour was snapped up for $225,000 and a fedora hat of his went for $22,000. Heart warming stuff, no?

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