A £1million thank you

Johnny Depp has donated £1million to Great Ormond Street hospital. (Wow!) Johnny decided to give this huge sum of money to the children’s hospital after his daughter, Lily-Rose was treated there for liver failure caused by E.coli poisoning. The Pirates of the Caribbean star and long-term girlfriend Vanessa Paradis kept a constant vigil at their daughter's bedside until the seven-year-old recovered. So this is his version of a big thank you!

Although we have seen large sums of money donated by celebrities before, it is not often they reach the million mark. Mr Depp, a former Hollywood hell-raiser, is fast becoming a real-life hero – one of Tinseltown’s nice guys. It’s great to see celebs really making a difference. 

Well done, Johnny, well done!

(Image: from YouTube)

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