'£5Million? No chance', says Mr Winehouse

Amy Winehouse's (no doubt long-suffering) dad has claimed that fedora-wearing indie clone and Wino's ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil wants £5million from his estranged wife as part of their divorce settlement.

However Mitch Winehouse told classy gossip rag Closer that despite his daughter's protestations, he won't allow the man who turned her into Keith Richards in drag to hang around, much less let him get away with five million quid and a cushy little number touring the tabloids revealing 'his story' for a hundred grand a time. Oh no.

'I want her to get divorced,' he blustered. 'I want Blake and his family out of our lives. I just hope Amy can stay away from him. It's the only chance she has. Blake's a destructive influence on her life. And he's a liar.

'This is the man who openly admitted he introduced Amy to Class A drugs. Amy nearly ended up dead thanks to him. This is the man who kicked a barman so hard he needed his face rebuilt. He's after £5 million. Does he think we're idiots?'

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