£50? She's all yours

Kerry Katona has taken another step down from her already pretty low ranking on the celebrity ladder. Her pudding-faced husband Mark Croft is selling her personal appearances in pubs for just £50 a time.

But these appearances aren’t the sort that would keep the likes of George Best in beer, where he’d get on stage and tell a few jokes. Instead Croft has told pubs that he will turn up with her for a night, and lucky punters will be able to watch him and his wife get plastered. Which sounds more like the facilitating of alcoholism that only a really, really sick individual would do. However, like any other addict, Kerry is apparently all right with it.

‘She is happy to go along with it,’ said a ‘friend’ to the News of the World. ‘She's keen to do whatever it takes to earn some extra money.

‘The idea is to draw in customers and she enjoys it, as she gets to earn money while getting drunk.’ Good stuff.

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