50 Cent's slimming mystery

Photos of what purport to be gangster rap millionaire 50 Cent have surfaced on the internet, with him looking emaciated and gaunt, and frankly like he needs to spend some time in a hospital bed. Which is just as well, given that he’s apparently supposed to be starring in a film as a star American football player who battle with cancer.

You can see the pics, which are actually quite frightening, all over the internet, which has led to some questioning whether it’s really him. Many fans and commentators have asked where his tattoos have gone, and there has been absolutely no mention of this on his Twitter feed. In fact only a week or so back Fiddy was telling Cleveland that his was going there, presumably to perform.

The Sun claims that the rapper/actor deliberately lost four stone over nine weeks for his role in Things Fall Apart, going on a liquid diet and running on a treadmill for three hours a day, and that he has reassured fans that he is ok. However, they don’t source any quotes of him saying this, and all his Twitter updates and Facebook pictures (take a look at this one from 17 May, for instance – how massive is he there?) suggest that the pictures have somehow been faked. Curious, no? We reckon they’ve been faked, so if it does turn out to be the case, remember where you read it first.

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