50 Cent's film - trailer

You may remember that a while back pictures of 50 Cent looking like a skeleton emerged online, with some people assuming it was a hoax/some random crackhead lookalike; refusing to believe that it was the rapper, in any case. It turned out that he was filming a new movie, in which he had to drop over 60 pounds in order to play the role.

The flick, which is called ‘Things Fall Apart’ and was written, produced and financed by the man himself, stars – you guessed it – Fiddy as an up and coming American Football star, who is diagnosed with cancer just as he makes it into the NFL. If the trailer below is anything to go by, it looks like a super cheesy victory-against-the-odds sports flick, and runs with the amusing line ‘in his most critically acclaimed role to date’, as though any of 50’s role have had any critical acclaim.

Still, it stars Ray Liotta, who’s always good value, and Mario Van Peebles, who we assumed was dead, so it can’t be all bad. Check it out.

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