50 Cent launches social networking site

Get this. 50 Cent has over a million friends on MySpace! He's a bonafide Million'friend-aire', hell maybe even the most popular guy on planet Earth. So what's he doing in response to his overwhelming popularity? Thats right, Fiddy's launching his own online social networking site.

Thisis50.com will keep users aware of Fidsey's music and anything else remotely 50 Cent related which he think might be of interest to his devoted pals. And just like other artists who've ventured down the web-money, sorry friend making route, think Pussycat Dolls" Ludacris and Kylie Minogue, 50's planning on keeping full control of all site content.

Director of new media at G-Unit records Chris Broadway says it's a great way for hip-hop fans to stay in touch with the big guy - as well as providing a unique opportunity for company fat cats to flog them stuff on-line at the same time. Users will be able to buy merchandise and get hold of downloads - all options that are as yet unavailable on standard sites such as MySpace or Facebook. Elementary my dear Curtis.

And fair play Fidders. You've taken the problem of a burgeoning friend list and turned it into a juicy money spinner. Exactly what we would have done - if we had that many mates!

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