5 Celebrities who are turned into Real-Life Heroes

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While we enjoy watching our favorite celebrities on the big screen, we have an entirely new appreciation for them when we hear about heroic events that they stepped up to. Here are a list of 5 celebrities who turned into real-life heroes.

Earlier this week Jamie Foxx was near his home in Los Angeles when a car skidded off the road, hit a ditch, flipped and quickly became engulfed in flames. Foxx witnessed the crash and swiftly dialled 9-1-1 then ran out to help the man. He dragged him away from his burning truck and waited for help to arrive. The man has sustained small injuries and is expected to recover.

In 2010 Rapper T.I. was heading to his recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia when he heard about a man who was standing on the ledge of a 22-story building. He quickly made his way to a radio station and recorded a video of him saying, “Nothing in life is worth taking your life. I’m here to help you. Please come down to talk to me.” The young man who suffered from severe depression did eventually come down. T.I. also helped save musician Scott Stapp from committing suicide in 2012.

The much beloved Harrison Ford is also unsurprisingly a hero within his local community. He often lends his private helicopter for local rescue missions. He took part in a search party for a missing boy scout and also used his helicopter to help rescue a female hiker who was sick in the mountains and brought her to the local hospital. This is not without charging his fee of $1,000 though.

Back in 2002 Vin Diesel was out driving around on his motorbike in Hollywood when the car in front of him crashed and rolled. He quickly pulled two children from the backseat and then instructed the driver on how to get out of the car. Soon after everyone was safe the car went up in flames.

Last but certainly not least is country star Blake Shelton. Late last year he saw 4 people stuck in mud near the Washita River in Oklahoma. He helped the 4 boys out of the mud and stated that “I didn’t save their [lives]. I pulled them out of the mud in order to save their lives from their parents.” The boys made sure they took a photo with the country superstar before heading home and eventually, probably, being grounded.

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