38 seconds of Spice Girls madness

Love ‘em or hate ‘em – the Spice Girls are back, selling out their London comeback date in record time – a mere 38 seconds. No, they’re not playing the Black Hat in Camden or somewhere similarly tiny. They’ve managed to shift every ticket for the mega-huge O2 venue in Docklands for their 15 December show. You’ve got to hand it to them – or at least to their marketing people.

Tickets for the show are already, inevitably, available on eBay – for upwards of £900, no less.

Yes, the much vaunted and undoubtedly over-hyped reunion of the Spice Girls is nearly upon us. Bony (Posh), Single (Scary), Whinger (Ginger), Stubborn (Baby) and Blokey (Sporty) Spice have been rehearsing frantically for their upcoming relaunch. There have even been rumours their manager Simon Fuller has insisted the girls take singing lessons. This reasonable suggestion irked Mel C, apparently, who can already sing. You mean the other members of a 55million album-selling mega-group can’t sing? Yikes.

The tour kicks off on 2 December in Vancouver – the city that gave us soft-rock legend, Bryan Adams, aka The Groover from Vancouver. Enough said.

Which hit are you looking forward to hearing again on the radio? What do you mean you can’t remember any? Mama, Stop that’s Too Much – surely you want to Spice Up Your Life again and remember their hits and how we used to Viva Forever like Wannabes to their funky tunes… Okay they sounded a bit alike – as if 2 Become 1 – but that doesn’t mean we have to say Goodbye to their reunion tour – Say You’ll Be There. Eh?

If you need to refresh your memory, there’s a new Spice Girls Greatest Hits box set due out 5 November.

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