£125 for a ticket stub

Got a few old concert tickets lying about at home? You could be quids in. It seems we’re in an age where memories just aren’t enough and some kind of physical reminder of an event is a necessity. So much so that after the legendary Led Zeppelin performance, fans are just desperate for a little memento. 

If you thought paying £15 for a programme or £8 for a mug was ridiculous, some fans are paying £125 for ticket stubs! These people must be mad, eh? Well, we think the people refusing to sell their stubs for that sum of money, are even more cuckoo! One fan said “There's no way I'd sell, no matter how much I was offered.” 

Sounds like turning down easy money to us. But maybe we just aren’t in the spirit of things…

(Image: from PetroleumJelliffe’s flickr stream)

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