1,000 Corrie fans die a week

We all know that the only people who watch Coronation Street are Northerners who like the idea of a quaint, post-war rationing Manchester, and oldies who do it out of habit, regardless of the fact that ‘classic Corrie humour’ you always hear about is a complete myth – it’s just not very funny at all. Anyway, given that over 30% of the soap’s viewers are over 65, with many of them in their 70s and 80s, it’s hardly surprising that 1,000 people from their audience die every week.

The figure was got via a complex calculation (so says The Sun) with data from the soap’s viewer demographic and ‘death data’ from the National Office of Statistics that worked out that at least 50,000 Corrie fans die every year.

‘Corrie is a massive hit among Britain's older generation, many of whom have watched it since it began nearly 50 years ago,’ said an ITV talking head. ‘Interestingly, the figures also show half of its viewers are over 55 as well, so it just goes to show how old the audience is.

‘It's a credit to Corrie that it can keep on entertaining people right up until their dying days. How many shows can say they do that?’

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