10 Facts about Adele

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At the end of November British singer Adele released her 3rd album titled, “25”. For the few that may not be Adele fans, there is no denying that she is extremely talented and loved by many. But here are 10 fun facts that some fans may not know.

1. She has 6 tattoos, that we know of. There are 2 on her left wrist, one with “One Penny” with 3 dots underneath it, her son’s name Angelo on her right hand and Paradise on the left, an “A” behind her right ear and doves on her back.

2. The Spice Girls were a major influence for her growing up along with Mary J. Blige and Destiny’s Child. She also is inspired by Dusty Springfield and Etta James.

3. Adele once claimed that smoking was one of her favorite things to do. She has gone to a hypnotist to try and help stop her chain smoking.

4. She became famous by making a 3 track demo for school that her friend put on MySpace and was picked up by XL Recording.

5. Former Prime minister Gordon Brown once sent her fan mail thanking her for keeping Britain’s spirits up during the economic crisis. Her music was the ”light at the end of the tunnel”.

6. She attended BRIT School with Jessie J and Leona Lewis.

7. Contrary to popular believe, her new hit song Hello is not about an ex but rather about reconnecting with everyone and entering a new stage in life.

8. From her 25 Album, “When We Were Young” was recorded on the famous composer Philip Glass’s piano.

9. 25 became the best selling album of 2015 in the US in just one week.

10. Adele has a net worth of £50 million.

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