10 celebrities and their surprising phobias

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The majority of people have a phobia of some kind. These can range from the fear of spiders or snakes to the fear of failure or rejection and everything in between. Phobias can affect anyone regardless of social or financial status, age, gender, religious beliefs or nationality. Here are 10 celebrities that all have a phobia of some type.

1. Oprah Winfrey and chewing gum do not get along. She said that her “grandmother used to saive it in little rows in the cabinet. [She’d] be scared to touch it because it was so gross.” She won’t even allow gum in the studio where she records her show.

2. Matthew McConaughey apparently has a phobia of revolving doors and can’t stand being near them.

3. Kelly Osbourne suffers from haphephobic which is the fear of being touched or touching others. People that have this are extremely protective of their personal space and are fearful that it will be contaminated.

4. Even the queen of pop. Madonna, has fears. Whenever you see or hear a thunderstorm, Madonna won’t be in sight. This fear of thunder and lightening is referred to as brontophobia and is actually one of the most common phobias in the world.

5. Actress and model Pamela Anderson has a surprising fear of none other than mirrors! She also avoids seeing herself on television at all costs.

6. Multi-millionaire Taylor Swift is also not immune to phobias. She has a strong fear of sea urchins. She explained to Ellen DeGeneres that they are “sitting there, waiting to completely injure you” and compared them to grenades.

7. David Beckham has something similar to OCD called ataxophobia where everything needs to be extremely tidy and organized. He told The Telegraph that he “goes crazy if things around him are not kept organized and according to color, size and quantity.” He even has things arranged in even numbers.

8. Megan Fox who is known for her stunning good looks and her work on the film Transformers has quite an exhaustive list of phobias. These include but are not limited to the fear of germs or bacteria (bacteriophobia), fear of the dark (achluophobia) and even the irrational fear of paper (papyrophobia).

9. Another beauty, Scarlett Johansson, has a strong fear of birds, also known as ornithophobia. In a New York Magazine interview she talked about the work in her film, “We Bought a Zoo” and explained that there was “Something about wings and beaks and the flapping...I’m terrified of them.” She is also apparently is a hypochondriac.

10. Similar to Johansson, Woody Allen is also extremely worried about his health and is also a hypochondriac. This actor/screenwriter has a long list of phobias that are both common in many people such as the fear of heights (acrophobia) and fear of small spaces (claustrophobia), and some not so common ones such as the fear of elevators, stage fright, sunshine, children, hotel bathrooms and crowds.

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