Who will fill Duff’s Cuffs?

When it was announced that actress Hilary Duff would no longer be playing the famous outlaw Bonnie Parker in upcoming indie flick The Story of Bonnie and Clyde, rumours started flying that the film’s producers had sacked her because she was....well, up the duff. After the actress announced that she and her husband, Canadian ice hockey player Mike Comrie, were expecting on her website over a week ago, stories started up that she had been dropped from the project because of the baby to be.

Thankfully the film’s producer are able to deny such criminal behaviour, and according to The Hollywood Reporter producers Tonya Holly and Tom Rogers released a statement on behalf of Cypress Moon Studios explaining that they had been informed that Duff would not be available to work on the project until June of next year.

And our favourite Disney actress, (who we still can't believe is pregnant), isn't the only one who has had to drop out of the project. It seems like Kevin Zegers, who was set to star alongside Duff as the legendary Clyde Barrow, is also going to have to be replaced as he is not going to be available for filming until January.

Before losing both of the leading actors, the project had already come up against lots of obstacles -‘financial, scheduling and other factors such as tornados devastating some of our locations. Due to our obligations with investors and international buyers it is imperative that we stick to our current schedule,’ the producers added. ‘Therefore we are forced to explore other options for the two lead roles.’ Watch this space!

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