Thomas The Tank Engine The Movie

It’s likely you’ve seen the train crash of a flick called Thomas And The Magic Railroad? (The first screen big screen adaptation of Thomas The Tank Engine.) No, you don’t remember Alec Baldwin as the creepy Mr Conducter? Well, clearly Hollywood movie execs don't either because it’s been announced that another big screen version of the popular kids adventure is in the pipeline. (If at the first you don’t succeed....)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Josh Klausner (Shrek The Third scribe) is working on a script for the movie, which will be a dangerous hybrid of CGI and live action. (What could possibly go wrong?)

Julie Pistor, producer of the HIT Movies production, said; "Generations of children have grown up with the adventures of Thomas & Friends with its storytelling tradition, positive values, timeless lessons and rich train history. I am excited to play a role in sending off Thomas and his friends on a new, exciting adventure."

Ringo Starr famously lent his Scouse accent to the UK small screen version of Rev. W.V Awdry’s children book.

Check out the trailer for the Alec Baldwin's proudest piece of work below...

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