Russian roulette

Only yesterday the nation's favourite redtop was high on the news that Ronnie Woods had seduced his second young Russian in as many weeks. She was a PR exec and her name was Hannah (not very Russian sounding, admittedly) but she was of Russian extraction, which is the important thing. You'll notice we're using the past tense. That's because, sadly Hannah is no more - not as Ronnie's arm candy at least. She's pulled the plug on her and the Hobgoblin's short lived affair after less than a week together. She described their time together as very 'challenging' - code for nightmare.

What could have caused this sudden U-turn of heart?
Ronnie being old enough to be her grandpa? (Technically, yes, if he had fathered a child at 16 which let's face it, does happen.)
Ronnie being a tad unstable and prone to choking girlfriends when he doesn't get his own way?
Ekaterina's honest indictment of Ronnie's behaviour: 'He drank up to a litre of spirits a day, took cocaine and chained smoked up to 50 cigarettes.'
Finding something better to do than watching telly with a pint-sized male cougar - who btw didn't even make the sexiest small man shortlist?

Celeb Big Brother it is then Hannah?

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