Rihanna travels to her O2 show on the tube

Rihanna showed that she is no pampered pop princess last night by travelling by tube to her sold-out show at the O2.

The 23-year-old singer happily posed with stunned fans making their way to the show on a packed Jubilee-line train yesterday during rush hour.

One Rihanna fan, Giselle Green spoke to the Daily Mail about her surprise on seeing the Barbadian singer board the train incognito.

'I was in Rihanna's carriage on the Jubilee line. I didn't really twig at first because you wouldn't expect to see a superstar travelling so casually on the tube.'

'And she was due on stage in a couple of hours! But then me and my friend realised it WAS her.'

Green continued: 'She was so cool and friendly and happy to pose for photos. I asked why on earth she was taking the Tube to her own concert.'

'And she said she'd always wanted to go on the Tube and decided to do it as it was the first night of her tour.'

Rihanna was spotted on the train at around 6.45pm according to fans – just 15 minutes before support act DJ Calvin Harris was set to perform.

While the 'Umbrella' singer was seen with a large entourage earlier the same day in London it appears that she travelled to the O2 with just one or two crew members in tow.

Rihanna's worldwide 'Loud' tour has hit headlines for the singer's skimpy stage attire and her fans at the O2 weren't disappointed last night.

The 23-year-old appeared onstage in a bottom-skimming blue jacket before stripping down to reveal a sequinned bikini, fishnets and platform boots.

It's more than likely that Alan Graham, the Irish farmer who asked Rihanna to cover herself up during a raunchy video shoot on his land last week, wouldn't have approved, but the 20,000 plus fans in the O2 weren't complaining.

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