Potato stuck to couch “all night” by Derren stunt

Since his now infamous correct prediction of the National Lottery numbers, Derren Brown has gained as many fans as he’s lost. (Well his lottery prediction method was pretty flimsy.)

His follow up show, The Events: How To Control The Nation, saw the mind bender sticking the country to their sofas while they watched from their homes, with approximately 30% of punters reporting that the stunt worked.

According to The Daily Star Sunday, the stunt worked so well on one suggestible viewer that he was rendered immobile for 12 hours. Johnathan Whitfield, 26, watched the show at home on his own and was only saved from peeing all over the sofa when his partner Katie Dunn, 23 found him the in the morning; “He was just saying, 'I'm stuck, I'm stuck, I need the loo'. I didn't have a clue what to do” said Dunn, "but luckily, Johnathan had recorded the show so I found it, played it [the 'desticking' video] and he managed to get to his feet."

Whitfield continued; "It was dreadful. I can see the funny side of it now but at the time I wanted to sue him. I needed the toilet and was in agony for hours but I just couldn't get out of the chair”.

Derren Brown's next show How To Beat A Casino is on Channel 4 at 10pm on Friday.

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