Lohan, Katona, O’Sullivan and Gazza for last Celeb BB?

The rumour mill has gone into over drive about who will appear on the very last Celebrity Big Brother next year. Reports are coming in from all angles that Lindsay Lohan is top of the producer’s wish-list and could be close to securing a temporary tenancy at the Elstree house (we’ll believe it when we see it).

Other names blasted across t’interweb include; Ronnie 'The Rocket' O’Sullivan, Kerry 'can’t afford to go to Iceland' Katona and Paul 'are you drunk?' Gascoigne. Nothing has been confirmed by Endemol yet but we’re sure these are just the start of the rumours before the final candidates are announced at the end of the year. Our money’s on ten Z-Listers.

The last Celebrity Big Brother starts in January 2010.

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