Kelly Brook to go topless on stage

If you’ve ever seen the 2003 film Calendar Girls, where Julie Walters and friends strip down to their undergarments in the name of charidee, you’ll notice one massive flaw with it; male viewers have no interest in seeing any of them naked* - great idea, poorly executed.

Now all that’s going to change because Kelly Brook has signed up to star in the West End play of Calendar Girls. The production, which currently stars June Brown (Dot from Eastenders) and Jerry Hall will also see another new addition in the form of Julie Goodyear, AKA Bet Lynch from Corrie.

This is not the first time Kelly Brook has appeared on the West End stage. She made her debut in Fat Pig last year, stripping down to her bikini for the role. (It was an important part of her character's motivation.)

Calendar Girls, the true tale of members of the Women’s Institute in North Yorkshire posing nude for a Calendar to raise money for a hospital, is on at the Noel Coward Theatre.

*Except Dame Helen Mirren.

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