‘Danyl has a bad vibe’

Louis Walsh has had a dig at X-Factor hopeful Danyl Johnson, saying he has a ‘bad vibe.’ The Irish talent spotting judge told The Independent that although he respects Danyl as a performer, he doesn’t have the ‘likeability Factor’ (er, Louis, the show's called the The X-Factor.)

‘I don't like him as a person’ said Louis, ‘but as a performer he's great. He's got this bad vibe - he came in a bit sure of himself. Unlike everybody else, he's been around the block, singing in karaoke competitions around London and he's picked up a lot of habits from that.’

‘He has confidence but it's all front - I don't think deep inside he's that confident. Any other year he could have been a potential winner but this year, he's got a lot of competition and Joe McElderry and Olly Murs are more likeable.’

In the interview, the lechy leprechaun, who has no acts left in the competition after John & Edward were eliminated, also tipped Geordie Joe to win the show: ‘In the studio he'd record incredibly well. He's the one to beat. In fact, he's gonna walk it.’

Louis, is there something we don’t know, or should we still keep voting? The pantomime continues on Saturday at 8pm on ITV1.

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