50 Cent: “Danny Dyer inspired me to act”

He may play the same character in nearly all of his films, but it looks like Danny Dyer's unique acting skills have won over an unlikely fan: 50 Cent.

Talking to BBC Newsbeat, the US rapper revealed that it was Dyer who convinced him to sign up for new film ‘Dead Man Running’ (yes, it’s a gangster film.) "What made me secure about going into the project was I'd watched those other actors like Danny [Dyer]. I watched UK films while I was travelling. I knew I would be in a secure space surrounded by this sort of cast."

50 Pence plays a loan shark and Dyer a wannabe gangster(?) in the film, which hits cinemas at the end of October.

Check out Danny and Fiddy in Dead Man Running below. Warning! Contains every expletive known to man.

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